Avaya 1400 & 1600 Series Phones now have “Global” ICONs

As Avaya evolves their products and solutions they want to ensure you are kept well informed of product changes. Functionality and features, pricing, and lifecycle considerations are all important to understand when deciding how best to invest in a technology solution.

Avaya transitioned the 1400 & 1600 Series Deskphones to a “Global” form factor in 2014.  Those models have been available for purchase since the May 2014 timeframe as a Global device in all regions. 

Phones designated as “Global” have the English language text removed from the faceplate. Using the universal language of icons aligns the language of the physical deskphone with the multitude of languages that are supported for the display of the deskphone and in product documentation. Global phones are feature equivalent to the current phone models. With these changes, Avaya made an easy-to-use icon reference guide showing the deskphone functions in all supported languages available on the Avaya Support portal at http://support.avaya.com  

During the transition period, supplies of non-Global form factors were limited, and orders could have been automatically converted, without notice, to Global phones.

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