AccessLine SIP – Business Quality VoIP By Design

 The ONLY SIP provider where the QoS starts BEFORE the install.

If you knew your network was not well suited for VoIP, would you install SIP Trunks on your network?

Of course not! But, how do you REALLY know if your network is ready for SIP/VoIP ? That’s where AccessLine comes in. When you purchase AccessLine SIP Trunking, QoS (quality of VoIP) testing is a requirement for installation.

With AccessLine SIP Trunking, all potential customers are required to run and PASS a multi-day VoIP Bandwidth Analytics Test to validate that the customer’s network can successfully run VoIP traffic at acceptable quality thresholds. The VoIP Test produces a complete “picture” of the customer’s network over a meaningful period of time, so you can head off issues BEFORE they become problems. This pre-installation testing ensures high call quality and ultimately high customer satisfaction. AccessLine is the only SIP Trunking provider who requires that a customer’s network passes the VoIP test in order to purchase SIP Trunking service.

Business Quality VoIP By Design

How It Works:
1. The VoIP Test application is loaded on a PC running on the same network that the VoIP traffic will ultimately use.
2. Once the VoIP test is initiated, AccessLine sends simulated VoIP traffic to the application, then measures the critical components:
• Connectivity- Loss of internet connectivity
• Jitter- Inconsistency in packet timing
• Packet Loss- Dropping of packets due to congestion
• Latency- Packets taking too long to arrive
3. The results are compiled in a multi-day graph that produces a visual reference of the customer’s network.
4. AccessLine technicians review the VoIP Test results and report their findings back to you.

Lower initial cost of ownership by 50% or more
Quality service that will exceed your expectations
Move, add, or expand your business with ease
Simplify vendor management
Built in business continuity disaster recovery features

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