A leading health care provider selects ECS to implement VoIP & SIP

ECS has been selected by a leader in providing high-quality, culturally appropriate, comprehensive health care to all people in Astoria Oregon to implement VoIP to a new location being opened.  The company is also migrating away from their old analog telephone lines to more current SIP Trunks.

The health care provider has outgrown their existing location and need to expand, but they don’t want to buy a new telephone system for the new location.  They also don’t want to lose the ability to dial from extension to extension to any other staff member, or to be able transfer callers from staff member to staff member.  They also like being able to send copies of voicemail messages to other users on the system as needed.  Answer: upgrade the Avaya IP Office telephone system, IP enable it, and add IP Phones at the new remote location.  Now both sites will operate as if all the telephones/extensions are still in the same building.

One problem the health care provider has been experiencing is that based on their analog lines, whenever they make an out-bound call, the caller ID shows the telephone number of whatever line they are calling out on, so line 2, line 3, line 4, etc.  With today’s caller ID technology, many people return telephone calls by redialing from the caller ID provided.  The problem this creates is that people don’t know the main number, and may not ring into the appropriate destination after-hours. The health care provider has traditionally forwarded their main number to an answering service or routed to specific destinations for after hours call handling.  Having clients call back on line 2, line 3, line 4, etc. does no good, as those lines are not re-routed after-hours like the main number. The new SIP Trunking will always show the main telephone number on out-bound calls, so problem solved & customer service improved.

The new SIP Trunking will also provide the ability for both locations to have Enhanced 911 (E911) capabilities.  This means that even though both locations share the same Avaya IP Office telephone system, the out-bound caller ID for calls to 911 will be different depending on which location an extension is at when calling 911. This means that calls to 911 will show the correct caller ID & address info, which means safety & security for the staff and clients.

The SIP Trunking will also allow for multiple direct inward dial (DID) telephone numbers to be assigned so specific individuals, groups, or departments can receive incoming calls without the caller having to go through the receptionist and be transferred. Improved efficiency & improved customer service!

The SIP Trunking also provides a block of FREE out-bound long distance calling to the Domestic US per SIP telephone line ordered. Extra Value & Extra Savings!

Bottom Line = more features, increased functionality, & lower monthly telephone line costs!

ECS, Avaya IP Office, & AccessLine SIP = a Winning Combination.

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