Avaya IP Office Mobile Collaboration for Small and Midmarket Business

Avaya’s Mobile Collaboration Solution for Small and Midmarket Business provides the communications tools needed to keep employees productive and responsive no matter where they’re working, and regardless of the device.

Get new capabilities on mobile, home and office desk phones, PCs, and tablet devices, to help drive better customer service and faster decision-making.

This simple-to-use, easy-to-manage solution enables you to offer customers real-time collaboration anytime, anywhere:

Never miss an important call – calls to your office phone ring simultaneously on up to three different devices of your choice, helping to improving responsiveness

Switch seamlessly between devices – use the device (mobile, desk, home phone, PC, tablet) that’s most appropriate, wherever you happen to be working, with the same capabilities you use to stay productive in the office, including instant messaging with colleagues, presence awareness, conference calling (with full control), messaging, and more.

Geo-location capabilities – locate and track employees quickly to provide faster customer response times

Give employees secure remote access – and roaming wireless campus access to applications, people and collaboration services. Get lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through integrated audio and video conferencing capabilities.

Enable rich functionality on mobile devices and web browsers – thanks to a solution that’s truly integrated.

Avaya IP Office User Productivity Applications (Power User, Mobile Worker, Teleworker, Receptionist)

The Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution for Small and Midmarket Business provides customers with advanced collaboration capabilities in a simple to use, simple to manage solution with the industry’s best TCO.


Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 is almost here!

IP Office 9.1 is targeted for General Availability on December 22, 2014.

Avaya continues to improve the IP Office Platform. Release 9.1 is the most scalable, resilient, powerful, and simplest to use & administer that Avaya has ever produced. Below are some of the enhancements Avaya is introducing in release 9.1 that will help them build upon their market leadership. 

Introducing IP Office Select
Avaya IP Office Select offers a unique combination of premium collaboration capabilities, enterprise-grade scale, resiliency, and security, with the simplicity and value of Avaya IP Office.  IP Office Select helps upper midsize businesses achieve their enterprise-like team and customer engagement aspirations with the simplicity and affordability required by their IT staff and budgets

  • Unparalleled scale – up to 2,500 users on a single-site server or across 150 locations – all of which can have simultaneous access to full UC capabilities
  • Flexible resiliency options including selective failover and support for VMware High Availability
  • Highly secure communications including embedded encryption of signaling and voice traffic
  • Integration with industry-standard LDAP directories including Microsoft Active Directory

Additional enhancements across IP Office

New Web Collaboration

  • Integrated solution supporting application, document, and screen sharing as well as white boarding
  • Co-resides on the IP Office Select and Server Edition primary server, with an optional external server for additional scale and for Preferred Edition
  • Scheduling of audio and web collaboration meetings means ports are available when you need them

Simplified Administration

  • Web Manager gets even more capabilities for more consistency and simplicity
  • End-user self administration makes minor changes easier and faster for everyone

General Enhancements

  • Even better security policies and more encryption
  • Enterprise branch improvements make IP Office an even better option for larger opportunities
  • Voice quality monitoring provides more robust troubleshooting capabilities

How to make your new Avaya IP Office solution pay for itself

The real value of an Avaya IP Office solution is how it helps you build your business.

Simple techniques like keeping your existing phones (if you are moving from an older Avaya system) and using the wiring already in your business can dramatically reduce the cost of upgrading to a new Avaya IP Office solution. But that’s just the start of how you can benefit financially.

Today, scores of companies around the world are relying on Avaya IP Office to improve communications, save money, and improve the way they do business.

Here are just a few examples:
• An online retailer of custom clothing (printed designs on shirts, jackets, etc.) discovered that its old communications solution was not making it easy for customers to get to their preferred sales representative quickly enough. Intelligent call routing on an Avaya IP Office solution—faster and more accurate—helped generate a 15 percent increase in sales.

• A financial services company with offices in New York and San Francisco discovered that it was frustrating customers by “double-screening” them (asking for basic identifying information over and over) and also losing deals if callers were not instantly connected to a sales representative. By using Avaya IP Office to set up a formal contact center and also have incoming calls ring simultaneously on a sales rep’s mobile phone, it was able to save deals that were being lost. It cut costs so much—by eliminating the need for separate fax lines and other services, that its Avaya IP Office solution paid for itself within a year.

• An active veterinary clinic and dog grooming service is using its Avaya IP Office solution in a new mobile veterinary practice: making house calls using vans equipped with examination tables, medications and Avaya IP Office phones. In effect, the mobile clinics become another extension of the office phone system making it easy to communicate with doctors back at the clinic. In addition, the practice estimates that its Avaya IP Office solution made it unnecessary to hire five to eight additional people to handle an increased volume of business, translating into annual savings of over $200,000 a year.

Get Started Today

Look at what your business needs

Avaya IP Office isn’t just about streamlining communications, it’s about helping you address your biggest business challenges:
• Increasing sales
• Creating better customer experiences
• Lowering costs

Think about your biggest business challenges. Look at how other companies are benefiting from Avaya IP Office. ECS can help match your business challenges to specific Avaya IP Office capabilities.



Simplifying the Migration to IP Office

Avaya has taken steps to simplify upgrading to the new capabilities of Avaya IP Office.

Very often older systems use traditional phone system wiring. For some phone system providers, that’s a costly issue you’ll have to deal with (you’ll need to run new wiring throughout your facility, at your cost, in order for their system to operate). For Avaya IP Office, it’s not a problem at all: you can continue using your existing wiring with your Avaya IP Office solution. Or, if your facility has a Local Area Network (LAN) to connect your PCs, you can use that instead. Avaya IP Office works with either kind of wiring—the choice is yours and the savings of using existing wiring can be significant. Common wiring interfaces available with Avaya IP Office reduce the re-wiring often associated with replacement of a phone system, making the upgrade fast, easy and affordable.

If you currently have an older Avaya system, user training is minimized as existing phones will start up with familiar default configurations, facilitating a smooth transition to the many new capabilities of Avaya IP Office while making it easy to access the proven, familiar features of your existing system.

Future upgrades & leasing:
As your business grows, Avaya IP Office easily grows with you. There won’t be a need for another upgrade anytime soon. Avaya IP Office can handle hundreds of extensions, and increasing capacity or adding more sophisticated functionality is simple and cost-effective to do.

If you don’t want to keep using your existing AT&T/Lucent/Avaya phone sets, no problem. You can make the upgrade to new, modern phone sets at anytime.