Avaya IP Office Server Edition Release 9

IP Office Server Edition Release 9 Provides Seamless Growth, Simple Management and Reduced TCO for Midsize businesses

IP Office Server Edition is the ideal solution for midsize businesses, delivering intelligent Unified Communications, scalable growth and seamless management. Server Edition enables businesses to quickly and easily add users to an existing office or even connect a remote office, all from the central HQ. A Linux server is the heart of Server Edition, running IP Office software, Voice Messaging and Unified Communications (Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office). Server Edition delivers true Centralized Management and Licensing for all users, across all locations, in one, intuitive, Graphical User Interface.

Deployment Options
You choose the approach that works best for your environment. Virtualize on your servers, use Avaya servers, use Avaya appliances, or use any combination of the three.

Expanded scale/capacity With a Linux server
Server Edition means seamless growth, … up to 2,000 users at a single site or across 32 locations, with support for up to 150 voicemail channels.

Centralized web-based management
Simple administration is the cornerstone of Server Edition. From the one intuitive interface, the System Administrator has one view of all users on a single site or across up to 32 locations. Using system status can, at a glance, let the Administrator know of any potential issues that could affect system performance such as over utilized trunk lines, voice ports, and bandwidth utilization.

Centralized Licensing
Server Edition holds all common licenses centrally, making it cost effective to purchase discounted license packs and easy for a System Administrator to assign user solutions to employees anywhere within the network.

Resilience built-in
Midsize businesses demand reliability, Server Edition delivers. Within a multi-site network where Server Edition is deployed across remote locations, in the unlikely event of a system outage, the IP phones with active calls stay connected, and idle IP phones simply re-register to an alternate server. Voice messaging is also critical to many businesses; Server Edition backs-up messages and greetings to an alternate Linux server.


Cost Effective Growth
Whether it’s adding a user or a location, Server Edition easily grows with any expanding company

Day to day administration of users, groups and call routing across the entire network is easy from the centralized, Graphical User Interface, speeding Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC’s)

Non-Stop Communications
The failover capabilities of Server Edition for both real time and voice messaging helps assure that businesses don’t miss a beat


System Components
Primary Server
• Provides call control, web portal, mobility, IM and presence, messaging, and centralized licensing in a single server
• Runs on an Avaya-provided Linux server or a customer-provided virtualized server

Secondary Server
• Provides same as Primary Server, but provides additional capacity and/or resiliency

Expansion System
• Provides additional capacity at a remote location
• Can be an Avaya-provided Linux server, customer-provided virtualized server, or an IP 500 V2 appliance

System Capacities
• Up to 2,000 users at a single site or across 32 locations
• Up to 512 SIP trunk channels per Primary/Secondary server
• Up to 256 SIP trunk channels per Expansion System
• Trunks with IP 500 V2 – 148 H.323, 240 digital, 208 analog trunks (not simultaneously)
• Up to 150 Voice Messaging ports
• 256 audio conferencing ports per server (256 parties per conference)
• Up to 300 Avaya one-X® Portal users on primary or secondary server*
• Up to 750 Avaya one-X Portal users on dedicated server*
*These cannot be combined

Feature Detail

Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred Application
• Simplified call control – tap to call, tap to conference
• Make calls using cellular, WiFi, or 3G/4G networks
• IM, presence, and directory access keeps you connected
• Single click to administer. Single click for end user to install and configure
• Supported on Android and iOS devices (requires Power User solution)

Conference Features
• 256 party conference bridge per primary or secondary server. (up to 256 parties on a single conference)
• Unique PIN codes ensures security for conference calls
• Conference entry/exit tones; single beep on entry, double beep on exit
• Conference call recording
• Conference Call control (Available with Power User and Office Worker solutions)
• Conference Room’ automatically dials users and adds them if available ( Requires Receptionist solution)

Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office
• Point and Click call control
• Federated IM and Presence
• Integrated Directory
• Moderator controls for conference calls
• Access the same tools at home without complicated VPN requirements (Available with Power User and Office Worker solutions)

About Avaya
Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

For more information please visit www.avaya.com or www.GoECS.com

Who is Intermedia ?

Intermedia’s New Numbers Show Significant Size and Rapid Growth – Establishing it as the Leading One-Stop Shop for Cloud Business Applications

The Acquisition of AccessLine further broadens Intermedia’s product offering and solidifies its position as the global leader for SMB cloud services.

Today’s IT decision makers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) prefer a one-stop shop delivering cloud-based business applications. SMBs need a better and simpler IT experience, which Intermedia delivers with a tightly integrated suite of cloud services. Intermedia has become the de facto cloud solution for all SMB’s, and has truly pioneered the business cloud platform category with its Office in the Cloud™ suite of services.

In addition, Intermedia’s acquisition of AccessLine – a fast growing and profitable cloud voice services provider with $38+ million in revenue – solidifies Intermedia as the overall leader in delivering cloud email, cloud voice and a variety of critical IT services to SMBs.

Every Intermedia cloud service can be managed, provisioned and integrated through the HostPilot online control panel. End-users can also use this tool as a single sign-on point for all of their Intermedia services. HostPilot integrates securely with customers’ on-premises networks and management tools, as well as with industry-leading back-office applications, such as SalesForce.com and ConnectWise. In addition, VARs, MSPs and other partners use this console to rapidly design, customize and deploy their own private-labeled cloud offerings.

AccessLine brings a seasoned team of over 110 employees with significant experience running a large and scalable hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and related cloud voice business. AccessLine created an exceptional, efficient and flexible technology platform that delivers carrier grade service. Its products complement Intermedia’s current offering with a feature set and service capability that SMBs demand. In addition, AccessLine’s services are designed for large scale subscriber growth – from the network, to the operations and business support systems, to the team supporting it.

With the addition of AccessLine, Intermedia has more than $140 million in revenue, significant profitability and:
•More than 700,000 users and 90,000 businesses;
•25 cloud business applications delivered from 10 data centers globally; and
•600 employees globally.

“We continue to execute on our Office in the Cloud vision while increasing our leadership across multiple categories,” said Phil Koen, CEO of Intermedia. “We have complemented our cloud IT experience with AccessLine’s cloud voice experience. Through our acquisition of Accessline, Intermedia will meet and exceed the expectations of SMBs’ current and future cloud voice and IT needs, and give them all of these services under one roof.”

Doug Johnson, former CEO of AccessLine and now Intermedia’s senior vice president of voice services, is leading Intermedia’s expanded efforts to deliver many more Fortune 50 level voice communications capabilities to its SMB customers. In addition to offering a complete phone system and service from the cloud, the company offers services that extend the functionality of businesses’ existing on-premises phone solutions, and lowers their cost.

“The AccessLine team is thrilled to join Intermedia, and to help it further execute against its vision of offering a tightly integrated suite of cloud services to SMBs and the channels that serve them,” said Johnson. “Intermedia offers a broad portfolio of email, communications, collaboration and content management services – including AccessLine’s amazing voice technology. When these services are delivered from the same cloud, tightly integrated, managed using the same control panel, and provided with just one bill, one login and one source of support, our SMB customers are the ones who win.”

About Intermedia
Intermedia is the world’s largest one-stop shop for cloud IT services and business applications. Its Office in the Cloud™ delivers the essential services that SMBs need to do business – including hosted Exchange, Hosted PBX, SecuriSync file sync and share, security, mobility and more.

All of Intermedia’s services are pre-integrated for a seamless user experience. They’re all managed via Intermedia’s HostPilot® control panel, with just one login, one password, one bill and one source of support – creating tremendous cross-service efficiencies for both users and IT administrators. And they all offer enterprise-grade security, 99.999% availability and 24/7 customer care to assure a worry-free experience.

Founded in 1995, Intermedia was the first to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange. And with 90,000 customers and 700,000 users, it’s the world’s largest provider of hosted Exchange outside of Microsoft itself.

Intermedia also enables over 13,500 channel partners – including VARs, MSPs, telcos and cable companies – to sell cloud services under their own brand, with full control over billing, pricing and every other element of their customer relationships.

Intermedia’s 600 employees in 3 countries manage 10 datacenters to power its Office in the Cloud – and to assure its famous worry-free experience. Learn more at Intermedia.net.

Want to learn more?

Intermedia acquired AccessLine

Intermedia acquired AccessLine

On August 30th 2013, Intermedia completed its acquisition of AccessLine, your leading provider of cloud-based phone and voice services.

Creating a one-stop shop for cloud IT
Intermedia is the leading cloud provider for SMBs and the partners that serve them. We’re the world’s largest third-party provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange—and now, with AccessLine, one of the world’s largest Hosted PBX providers. Our 18 years of cloud experience is complemented by AccessLine’s 20 years of voice experience.

As a combined company, Intermedia is the leading single-source provider of cloud-based services to SMBs, with nearly 550 employees supporting 700,000 users, 90,000 businesses and 13,500 channel partners.

Why the Intermedia/AccessLine combined company will be transformative.

All your essential cloud services. All under one roof.
Up until now, you’ve been forced to turn to different providers for different IT services. Your phones, email, content management, collaboration tools—they all come from different companies (or from equipment you manage yourself). This means you have multiple bills, multiple control panels, multiple logins… it’s the very definition of IT complexity.

With Intermedia, you can get all your fundamental IT needs delivered from the same vendor. Intermedia offers you a single source for phones, email, chat, file sync and share, security and mobility (to name just a few).

As a customer, this transforms how you consume and manage IT services.

How will this impact your business?
Here’s what you need to know:

•AccessLine customers. There will be no interruption of your service. You won’t have to change your phone numbers or anything else. At the same time, Intermedia will also be adding new features and enhancing your service. This includes upgrading system reliability to a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement and increasing the availability of technical support to 24/7 phone and email coverage.

As you can see, Intermedia/AccessLine are both maintaining and enhancing your existing service. At the same time, Intermedia will offer you many more choices:

•New services. You can add Exchange email, SecuriSync file sync and share, Lync chat and conferencing and many other cloud services.

•A single provider. With Intermedia, there’s just one bill, one control panel, one login and one source of support. You can add a whole new range of cloud services without adding any new complexity.

•Free migration. For onboarding, Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge team performs white-glove setup and migration to assure a worry-free transition.

•Expert support. For support, all Intermedia services offer 24/7 phone and email support. Intermedia will answer your calls within 60 seconds and your emails within one hour.

As the combined company moves forward, the joint R&D expertise will evolve services to anticipate and meet your changing needs. There’s a lot in the pipeline!

It’s Exciting!
Intermedia now offers the best of both worlds: the amazing quality of AccessLine’s voice services combined with the broad portfolio of IT tools from Intermedia’s cloud. Our Office in the Cloud suite now includes whole categories of services that not even Microsoft and Google offer.

What is Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud?

Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud delivers the essential communications and collaboration services you need to do business.

In addition to AccessLine’s enhanced Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and individual Cloud Voice add-ons, Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud also includes:
• Hosted Exchange
• SecuriSync
• Lync Chat & Conferencing
• Email Archiving
• Cloud Server
• SharePoint
• And much more

Each service is fully integrated, mobile-ready and protected by enterprise-grade security.

Best of all, they’re all delivered from the same vendor and managed from HostPilot, Intermedia’s intuitive online control panel.

About Intermedia:
Intermedia is the premier provider of cloud services to small and mid-sized businesses. Delivered from Intermedia’s secure datacenters, these services include hosted Microsoft Exchange email, VoIP telephony, instant messaging, file management, security, backup, support for the full range of smartphones and tablets, and more. The company’s proprietary cloud infrastructure assures high reliability, and a certified support team is available around the clock. Intermedia also empowers thousands of partners – including managed service providers and select Fortune 500 companies – to sell cloud services. Founded in 1995, Intermedia was the first company to offer business-class cloud email and now has 600,000 premium hosted Exchange mailboxes under management — more than any other provider.

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ECS Achieved “Small and Medium Enterprise Expert” Distinction from Avaya

March – 2009 Press Release
Auburn, WA based – Efficient Communication Solutions, Inc. (ECS) announced today that it has been designated as a “Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Expert” by Avaya Inc., a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services.

To achieve ranking as SME Expert, authorized resellers who are part of Avaya’s Business Partner program must ensure their account executives and system engineers demonstrate proficiency in core areas, which include customer support, technology knowledge and expertise, sales revenues and marketing support. The program is the first such specialized ranking established by Avaya for North America certified resellers in its Business Partner program serving the SME market. It includes training that focuses on Avaya solutions in unified communications and contact solutions for small and medium enterprises, as well as sales and technical training on Avaya IP Office.

Avaya IP Office is a leading communications solution for small and medium enterprises, and it offers a secure, intelligent, and easy-to-use converged voice and data system designed especially for small and medium enterprises.

Avaya has sold more than 300,000 IP Office solutions to companies around the world. ECS sells Avaya communications systems, design and implementation services to businesses across the States of Washington & Oregon. ECS has locations in both Washington & Oregon.

“We partner with our customers as an intricate part of their business strategy through our consulting services. By listening to every aspect of what customers need, we are able to offer cost effective communications solutions. Our certified professionals sell, install, maintain and upgrade Avaya communications equipment. Achieving the Avaya SME Expert certification showcases ECS’s expertise in voice and data integration,” said Don Barber, Co-Owner.

“Smaller companies need crystal clear information on the capabilities of IP communications and the positive impact it can make on the way they operate their businesses,” said Trevor Gruenewald, vice president, North America sales channel for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), Avaya. “Authorized resellers in the Avaya Business Partner program who achieve ‘SME Expert’ status are sending a message to their customers that they have the professional and technical expertise that is honed for the smaller firm. “Companies that are certified by Avaya as SME Experts represent a commitment to excellence in serving small and medium firms, and meet the highest standards when it comes to delivering communications solutions specifically designed to meet smaller companies’ needs.”

About Avaya
Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

About ECS
ECS, headquartered in Auburn, WA, is a team of experts ready to help businesses with the important and often complicated decision of finding the best communication solutions for their company, from voice to data. Servicing Washington & Oregon, ECS is an Avaya SME Expert Business Partner focusing on the IP Office platform and specializing in Voice over IP. For more information contact ECS at (253) 886-5400 or visit us on the web at www.GoECS.com

To learn more about IP Office visit:

For more information please visit www.avaya.com or www.GoECS.com

ECS Provides Reliable Solutions through Integrity & Experience

At Efficient Communication Solutions, Inc. (ECS), our mission is to earn customer loyalty by collaborating to design and deliver dependable, innovative ways to communicate more efficiently. We constantly strive to set a new standard in customer service through our integrity, technical expertise, and customer support.

Our core focus is to be your vendor of choice for dependable voice & data communications.

At ECS, we realize our customers have a wide variety of telecommunication companies to choose from and appreciate their decision to partner with ECS to meet their communication needs. We understand our obligation to provide dependable products, services and support to not only meet, but exceed, our customer’s expectations.

Guaranteed Service Response:
We understand how critical your time is and guarantee our response times
(for Warranty, Maintenance and Support Agreement customers)

Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC);
24 to 72 Hours

Repair (Critical Outage);
2-Hours by Phone or Remote Access
4-Hour On-Site

Repair (Non-Critical Outage);
2-Hours by Phone or Remote Access
Next Business Day On-Site

Critical Outage Defined;
Complete failure of System(s), No Incoming or Outgoing Communication, Failure of 50% of Devices.

ECS Customer Service Hours & Contact Information:
Staffed; Monday thru Friday, 8am to 12:00pm/Noon
NOT Staffed; Monday thru Friday, 12:00pm/Noon to 1:00pm
Staffed; Monday thru Friday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm
NOT Staffed & After-Hours –leave emergency voicemail & on-call tech will respond
Phone: 253.886.5444
Fax: 253.886.5401
Email: service@GoECS.com

ECS is located at:
3702 West Valley Highway North, Suite 302
Auburn, WA 98001

20310 SE Highway 212
Damascus, OR 97089

For more information please visit www.GoECS.com

Avaya IP Office Overview

Avaya (formerly AT&T/Lucent Technologies) IP Office – Telephone System

An Avaya IP Office small business phone system enables your entire organization to connect and collaborate in real-time, without limitations, using available and appropriate devices—including smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.

Designed specifically for small and midsize businesses, IP Office delivers the collaboration tools you need, from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications, including powerful video conferencing. An IP Office phone system helps you create your most productive mobile and remote workforce, easily and cost-effectively increase capacity and capabilities as your business grows, and gain business and customer service efficiencies. With Avaya IP Office, flexibility, scalability, and options are built right in:

•Grow from five employees to 1,000 (at a single site) and network up to 32 locations.

•Collaborate via video: use built-in video softphones, integrate with Avaya Flare® Experience, or add the full-featured Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office to create a virtual conference room for mobile, desktop and room-system video collaboration.

•Deliver applications to everyone: mobile and office workers, receptionists, remote staff, and customer service agents and supervisors.

•Track, record, and report on calls to build optimal customer interactions via Xima (3rd Party DevConnect Partner) solutions

•Use IP, digital, analog or SIP technology in any combination. IP Office interoperates with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide.

•Implement IP Office receive security features, intuitive and centralized management tools, and affordable support services for a comprehensive communications solution.

•Scale cost-effectively as your business grows. Simply build on what you have, without the need to replace technology.

With more than 300,000 systems installed worldwide, IP Office is the leader in unified communications for small and midsize businesses.

Avaya IP Office was awarded Unified Communications Product of the Year in 2012 from Internet Telephony magazine.

To learn more about IP Office visit:

About Avaya
Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

For more information please visit www.avaya.com or www.GoECS.com

Xima Recording Library is now available as a Stand-Alone License

Do you need to record a telephone conversation?

Why not use Chronicall’s Recording Library?

Xima has just made available the ability to purchase their Recording Library license without needing to purchase their Chronicall call accounting base software.

If you would simply like to capitalize on the built-in recording capabilities of IP Office and Voicemail Pro (Preferred Edition) and wish to record calls and have those calls cataloged with the ability to search, play back, copy, and email, then you can purchase a Recording Library license. The Cradle to Grave interface will also be provided as part of the Recording Library license, allowing you to interact with your recordings.

There’s no need to first purchase the Chronicall standard/base license, then the Recording Library license. You can purchase Recording Library straightaway. And if you decide later that you would like to add reporting functionality, you’ll just need to add a Chronicall standard/base license.

Just more ways that Xima is putting you and your client first!

To see how Chronicall can make the most of your time and energy while improving the accuracy and efficiency of your call data, contact ECS to sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

For more information please visit www.ximasoftware.com/chronicall or www.GoECS.com

Xima Training

Xima provides both Online Training & Instructor-Based Training

Xima has a 2-step training process in place to help customers learn and better leverage their investment in Xima Chronicall software applications

Step 1:
Customer navigate to Xima training page at; www.ximasoftware.com/support/#support:Training   and select “End User Training (for credit),” whereupon they will need to enter their
• email address
• first and last name
• Chronicall serial key number

Customers can then go online, at their leisure, and go through the interactive learning modules that will help build their learning foundation for Chronicall and the related modules (if purchased). This training consists of a series of short videos and simple quizzes.

Step 2:
Once the online interactive training has been completed, instructor-based training can be scheduled with a Xima Software representative. The instructor-based training is intended to address more specific areas of Chronicall and answer any questions that were not covered or answered during the online interactive training modules.

Customers can send an email to sales@ximasoftware.com to request instructor-based training after step 1 has been completed.

NOTE: Instructor-based training is only available to users who have active Xima Care coverage.

For more information please visit www.ximasoftware.com/chronicall or www.GoECS.com

Avaya C110 UC Module for IP Office

Avaya C110 Unified Communications Module for IP Office

The C110 Unified Communications Module is an IP500 base card supported by IP500 V2 systems running IP Office Release 8.0 or higher software. The module is supported by systems running in IP Office Essential Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition or IP Office Advanced Edition mode and acts as an automatic PREFERRED EDITION license for such systems.

The C110 module is a PC server, enabling various Linux based IP Office applications to run as embedded applications within the IP500 V2 control unit rather than requiring a separate PC. The Unified Communications Module hosts the following applications:

The base operating system installed is CentOS, a Linux operating system. However, no specific knowledge of Linux is required for installation or maintenance of the Unified Communications Module.

one-X Portal for IP Office:
This is a web browser based application that user’s can use to control making and answering calls on their phone. It also provides a range of gadgets for the user to access features such as their directory, call log and voicemail messages. The one-X Portal for IP Office application is configured and managed remotely using web browser access. Each user who wants to use one-X Portal for IP Office needs to be licensed. The Unified Communications Module acts as an automatic Preferred Edition license that is normally required by the application.

Voicemail Pro:
This is a voicemail server. It provides mailbox services to all users and hunt groups on the IP Office system for which it is configured. In addition it can be customized to provide a range of call routing and voicemail services. The Voicemail Pro service is configured and managed remotely using the Windows Voicemail Pro client. A copy of the Voicemail Pro client can be downloaded and installed from the server. The number of simultaneous connections to voicemail is licensed. The Unified Communications Module acts as an automatic Preferred Edition license for Voicemail Pro application.

Web Control Menus:
The server’s own settings are configured and managed remotely using web browser access to a set of menus.

Unified Communications Module Capacity:
1)    Up to 200 users when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office
2)    More than 200 users when running just Voicemail Pro
3)    Simultaneous one-X Portal for IP Office Users: 50
4)    Maximum voicemail ports;
a)    Up to 20 ports when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office
b)    Up to 40 ports when running just Voicemail Pro.

To learn more about IP Office visit:

About Avaya
Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

For more information please visit www.avaya.com or www.GoECS.com

ECS Proudly Celebrates 8 Years In Business as of September 5th 2013

ECS is celebrating its 8th year anniversary.

The Washington/Oregon-based Company has been a local employer and stable contributor to the local economy/community since September 5th, 2005.

According to current business dynamics statistics, 8 years in business is a significant accomplishment for any company, when you consider that only 10 percent of businesses still exist that were established more than 5 years ago.

While the news is filled with headlines examining the intricacies of America’s prominent corporations, it’s easy to overlook the everyday champion of our economy, the small-business. Now comprising 99 percent of companies and generating 66 percent of job growth, small businesses are the engine of our economy, revitalizing the innovation that has defined communities across the nation. We/ECS are proud to be a locally owned small/medium business primarily serving customers in Washington and Oregon.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses with their voice/data communication needs. We’ve served our customers, helping them reduce their communication costs enabling them to grow and expand their businesses. We’ve partnered with everyone from small retail stores, recycling companies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, local hotels, metropolitan newspapers, national service providers, to highly secure federal installations. And along the way, we’ve built a dynamic company that is continuing to grow.

Our 8th year in business is a time to celebrate and thank our employees for their dedication to excellence in serving our customers. ECS employs high caliber people who excel at what they do. It has truly been an incredible experience to see the start-up that we were eight years ago, grow into the successful company that we are today. Over the past eight years, we’ve innovated, we’ve adapted, we’ve listened to our clients’ needs, and we’ve changed as needed to not only meet, but to exceed our customer’s needs.

We thank our employees for their hard work, dedication, and their commitment to excellence!

We thank our customers for the “opportunity” to serve them!